House Concerts:

A house concert is simply a concert held at someone’s home – a very intimate and unique musical experience. The host/hostess will usually clear some furniture in the living room and set up seating to accommodate as many people as possible. (Some concerts can be held outside, backyard style, during warmer months.)

Audiences can range from 20 to 100 people, depending on the space. The host/hostess gets the word out through flyers, local papers, email lists, and/or inviting all of his/her music-loving neighbors, relatives, and friends! There’s usually a suggested donation ranging from $10 to $20, with all, or most, of the proceeds going to the artist. (In certain cases the artist will perform for a flat fee - paid by the host/hostess.) 

If you are interested in hosting a Mean Mary house concert please feel free to drop her a line through the contact form.